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2021 Land Rover Vary Rover Evoque espionage recordings with lengthy wheelbase: Prolonged model of the style-oriented SUV is coming

The 2020 revamped Land Rover Range Rover Evoque received a very positive response from the automotive press and received praise and rewards from most outlets, including this one.

Judging by our latest spy footage, the success of the smallest Range Rover will soon lead to a slightly larger version.

The espionage recordings show an Evoque prototype with longer rear doors that are supposed to fill a stretched wheelbase.

There are two options here. One is a new long wheelbase Evoque model, possibly with third row seats, which is set to be sold worldwide. The other is a stretched Evoque for the Chinese market, where even compact crossover SUVs have long wheelbase options that offer more legroom in the second row.

2019 Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Should it be sold worldwide, the long wheelbase Evoque would help fill the – somewhat narrow – gap between the regular Evoque and the Range Rover Velar. The regular Evoque measures 172.1 inches versus the Velar 188.9 inches.

That might not be a huge loophole, but there is a significant difference in price. The 2020 Evoque starts at $ 43,645 versus the Velar’s $ 57,325 base sticker.

Interestingly, rumors of a long wheelbase Evoque go back almost a decade when the previous generation Evoque first launched. We never got the long wheelbase option, but other body styles were added, such as a three-door hatchback and a convertible. None of these are currently available with the second generation Evoque.

Look for the long wheelbase Evoque that will hit the market sometime next year. While it is unlikely to reach the US, if sold here it will be an alternative to other compact seven-seat crossovers like the Mercedes-Benz GLB and the Volkswagen Tiguan.

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