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VIDEO: Throttle Home opinions of the 2021 BMW M440i

When I drove the BMW M340i on the road for the first time, I said it was an extremely fast and capable car, but also a relatively boring one. The BMW M340i can offer 80 percent of the capabilities of the F80 M3, but without the thrill. When the BMW M440i was announced, however, I had some hope. BMW claimed it had its lower center of gravity, added a negative front camber, and revised suspension setup meant it would be better to drive than the M340i. In this new video from Throttle House, we see if that’s true or not.

As it turns out, it isn’t. The BMW M440i is almost exactly the same as the M340i; It’s very quick, very convenient, shockingly capable, and completely deaf. However, the BMW M440i has the added disadvantage that it is terrifying to look at. This new grille is just not good and I have to agree with the two hosts at Throttle House. it won’t grow on us, it doesn’t look any better in person, and it’s actually not there to cool anything. It’s just wrong.

It’s a very nice place inside. The only real complaint is that it’s exactly the same inside as the 3 Series, but that’s to be expected. If there’s a problem, it’s because more expensive BMWs still have the same interior for the most part. But that’s not a problem with the BMW M440i, which is actually nice to be inside. In addition, you no longer have to see the grille from there.

The BMW M440i is also doing well. But that is also to be expected. The BMW M340i drives very well. Both cars are just too isolated to be muted, and that’s disappointing when they have M badges on them. If you want a sporty BMW coupe, go for the 2 Series, it’s still the better car (and comes with a manual). If you think of the M440i as a mini grand touring car, it makes a little more sense. But if you’re looking for a spicier 3, the 4 is not the one.

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